Our vision:

We give a duck.

What3ducks is an anatidae-based geolocation service.

So instead of telling other people the name of a place, you can give them several ducks, which will pinpoint that place. Every duck you give will improve the accuracy by around 9 ducking bits. In other words, the more ducks you give, the more precision you get!

When you need somebody to give a duck about somewhere, then ask them "What three ducks?". e.g.: "What three ducks are we going to?".

Start now, give a duck today. Or better, give three ducks.

Our Core ducks

Based entirely on https://gitlab.com/IvanSanchez/geogrids.git and the ducktacular what3fucks global addressing for real world people. If you give a duck, go check it out.

duck addresses

Duck these. Because they're boring as duck.

duck squares

duck those. Triangles are rad, motherducker!

duck politeness

We should be ducking able to use whatever ducking words we ducking like.

duck closed source

What3ducks is licensed under the Do What The duck You Want Public License.

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We ducking listen.

Not satisfied with the amount of ducks that we give? Write us a ducking email. Be advised that we might or might not give a duck about it.